Nocturia Treatment – Frisco, TX

When Frequent Nighttime Urination Leads to Chronic Fatigue

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Nocturia may be an unfamiliar term to most people, but the truth is that it is a bothersome condition that can cause chronic fatigue if left untreated. When nighttime urination is keeping you from getting the rest you need, our team at Star Sleep & Wellness in Frisco can work to identify if medication or lifestyle changes can help to minimize frequent disruptions so that you can begin to get much-needed sleep and become more actively engaged each day. Call us if you suspect you may need nocturia treatment in Frisco.

What Is Nocturia?

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Nocturia is a common problem that results in individuals having to frequently urinate throughout the night. Although age and an influx of liquid consumption are two of the most prominent reasons associated with this condition, it can develop as a result of other causes and lead to many problematic symptoms. Without proper treatment, nocturia can take a serious toll on your overall health and well-being.

Symptoms of Nocturia

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Just because you wake throughout the night to urinate doesn’t mean that you have nocturia; however, if you notice that you’re waking multiple times each night, you will want to call our sleep center. Other symptoms commonly associated with nocturia include:

  • Chronic fatigue the following day
  • A greater volume of urination (also known as polyuria)
  • Irritability due to the lack of sleep achieved

Many of the same signs that occur with sleep apnea will also form over time if you have nocturia simply because a lack of ample rest will resort in moodiness, forgetfulness, frequent headaches, and more.

What Can Cause Nocturia

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If you’re drinking multiple glasses of water before going to bed, the most obvious step is to stop before bedtime. However, if this is not the problem that is causing you to wake multiple times each night, you might think about whether any of the following might be the reason for your frequent urination:

  • Certain medications
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Bladder inflammation or spasms
  • Bladder obstruction
  • Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

Additional health-related conditions can also be the reason you might develop nocturia. Some of these include:

  • Diabetes
  • Overactive bladder
  • Heart disease
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Edema
  • High blood pressure

Not Sure What’s Causing Nocturia? Our Team Is Here for You

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At Star Sleep & Wellness in Frisco, our team understands it can be difficult trying to identify the underlying cause of your nocturia. This is why you can count on our team to deliver timely nocturia treatment that works for you. While our focus is on making sure that you get the sleep you need without interruption, we must first meet with you to determine how best to treat the issue so that others do not arise.

Treating nocturia may require some lab testing and thorough conversations with a member of our team, but you can rest assured that we will go beyond the basics to create a plan that gets you back to sleep and feeling better than before.

Diagnosing & Treating Nocturia

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During a scheduled consultation, a member of our team will review your current health history as well as any medications you are taking. We will ask about your fluid intake before bed and if you take naps throughout the day.

Dr. Stevenson, Dr. Austin, and even Katie Collier may recommend lifestyle changes (i.e., leg elevation, fluid restriction, managing diuretics, taking naps) to minimize the potential for frequent urination at night. They might also suggest certain medications to help reduce nocturia symptoms.